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About you

Putting you first

Understanding your particular circumstances and why you have come to us to help you with your financial strategy is at the heart of our business.

It may be that you are acquiring wealth through employment income or building a valuable business with a view to obtaining a future goal; or you are reaching a watershed moment in your life where you have accumulated wealth through inheritance, the sale of a business, a windfall from compensation or a settlement from divorce.  Maybe you’re thinking about how to pass your accumulated wealth on to future generations in the most efficient manner possible or you’re going through changes in your family circumstances such as a marriage, the birth of a child or retirement.  Whatever your situation, you need to ensure that you have the right financial plan and protection in place.

Here’s some advice to make sure you get the support you need:

• Use the services of trusted professionals to help you when making key financial decisions, whether it’s solicitors for sound legal advice, accountants for complex business matters or a wealth manager for financial expertise
• Value the importance of independence and impartiality when seeking advice so you can be confident that the professionals you choose are only concerned with your best interests
• Look for clear and transparent explanations and a simple charging structure to make it easy for you to compare costs and identify value for money
• Be discerning; spend time getting to know each adviser; ensure that he or she really listens to your views and requirements, while also being candid with their own opinions
• Having worked with you to devise a tailor made financial plan to suit your own unique circumstances and goals, your advisers should be aware that your situation may change and any plan must have the flexibility to be adapted


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