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Working with Professional Advisers

What qualities do you look for when working with IFAs? At Harrogate Wealth Management, we have a long tradition of collaborating with legal advisers, accountants and discretionary fund managers. Our experience has taught us that you want to work with financial advisers with certain qualities:


For many of you, only dealing with independent advisers is a pre-requisite. Indeed, you may only be permitted by your regulating bodies to work with independent financial planners.


Most discerning clients expect to conduct business in a professional manner. We are able to offer clients the benefit of meeting at our smart, centrally located offices in Harrogate, where we have access to all the professional tools that we may need to conduct a meaningful meeting. We will deal with all referrals promptly and efficiently before reporting back to the introducer.


We will make sure that you are kept fully informed, with the client’s consent, about any strategies we agree with your clients. Where it is appropriate, we will always go back to you if we believe that your expertise could be utilised to provide a holistic solution. We will continue to liaise with you throughout our relationship with your client, including at regular review meetings.


We are all too aware that any referral you make is a direct reflection upon you, your reputation and your firm. We deal with all referrals promptly and will make sure that every client is handled with care. We want your clients to enjoy the same experience and high level of personal care from us that you yourselves would give them.

Nice People

We want any referrer to have an enjoyable experience when working with us. We believe that we are nice people to deal with and working with us should be pleasant for both you and your clients.

Legal Advisers

Harrogate Wealth Management regularly works with the legal sector, providing specialist financial advice to family law teams in matrimonial settlements; investment and taxation advice to wills, trusts and probate teams; investment advice to personal injury and medical negligence teams; and protection and key person insurance advice to corporate teams.


Harrogate Wealth Management has helped accountancy firm clients establish pension schemes for owner managed businesses and larger employers. We have provided advice to corporate clients on a wide range of issues, including employee benefits, key person insurance, property purchase through pension funds and investments. We have also helped firms and individuals with proactive tax planning in collaboration with their accountants.

Discretionary Fund Managers (DFMs)

We believe that DFMs offer valuable expertise in active fund management and we will discuss with all clients the merits of a DFM approach versus our in-house advisory approach. Where it is appropriate, we are always pleased to introduce this service to clients who we believe should be invested for the long term and we work closely in conjunction with the DFM to help to achieve the clients’ overall goal.


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